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This movie holds up a lot better than Splash, if you ask me, and watching Hanks as a young-boy-turned-adult-man who gets to experience all the 18-plus delights of New York City life is always entertaining. It’s difficult to root against Hanks in any film, and even in this one—in which he plays an FBI agent being continually outsmarted by trickster Frank Abagnale, a.k.a. Leo DiCaprio—you kind of end up loving him. What a mensch! I’m not generally a “war epic” kind of girl, even when it’s a Spielberg production, but Hanks is so captivating in this film about an Army squad searching for a lost paratrooper during the Battle of Normandy in World War II that he almost changed my mind. There’s a reason Hanks nabbed an Oscar nomination for his performance in this survival drama; he carries the whole thing more or less on his own, with only a beach volleyball for company. Sad!

Georgia Bulldogs 2022 Sec East Division Football Champions Slanted Knockout T-Shirt

Is this scientifically Tom Hanks’s best role, or is A League of Their Own just one of my favorite movies? Both can be—and are—true, and honestly, if the joy of watching Hanks as a crabby, once-great coach yelling “There’s no crying in baseball!” at a bunch of female players ever wears off, just turn me over to the alien overlords as a sacrifice. The latest episode of The Kardashians contemplates what it means to literally—and metaphorically—exist in the Kar-Jenner simulacrum. The family hypes Pete Davidson’s upcoming space flight, but we never once see the comedian in the flesh. Kris Jenner considers hip replacement surgery, inspiring deeper conversations among the sisters about their momager’s mortality. The family also finally addresses Kim’s Marie Antoinette-esque utterance during her now-infamous Variety cover shoot—“Nobody wants to work anymore”—and Khloe tells Kim that the constant criticism they face from the public will only “end when we end.” Plus, Kendall seeks house-flipping advice from Scott, Martha Stewart stops by the Khloe-Kris compound, and Khloe and Kris go peacock shopping. Here are three things that kept me up after watching Season 2, Episode 4 of The Kardashians:

Georgia Bulldogs 2022 Sec East Division Football Champions Slanted Knockout T-Shirt hoddie-black

Hanks doesn’t appear in the flesh, obviously, but the fact that he voiced uber-sympathetic cowboy doll Woody has to explain at least 80% of my ongoing obsession with Toy Story. It’s giving mid-’90s, in the best way. I have to admit that this movie doesn’t entirely hold up (Daryl Hannah is, uh, a sort of childlike mermaid in it?), but it does feature Hanks at his youngest and cutest. Did the L.A. Times call this role a career worst for Hanks? Yes, but at this point, I’m always going to be happy to see Hanks in a new film, even if he’s playing Elvis Presley’s sleazy, exploitative manager. My kingdom for Tom Hanks in a comedic role! (Or a comedy-drama, anyway.) Watching Hanks putter around JFK for the length of an entire movie is truly just what the doctor ordered.

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