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Mama Baby Fund’s work in flood-hit areas is not limited to distributing these kits. “We had a woman who had a lot of pregnancy loss because she is diabetic,” Mankani says. “She was insulin dependent and didn’t have access to her medicines as she was living in a camp. We organized insulin for her and also arranged a glucose monitor for her. These little things will definitely make a difference in the quality of women’s pregnancy and care.” Larger organizations have also mobilized their resources to aid vulnerable expecting women. Sarah Saleem sits in an office crowded with research papers in a bustling college campus in the heart of Karachi. She is an obstetrician by profession who developed an interest in research early in her career. Now she heads a department dealing with population and reproductive health at the Aga Khan University, one of Pakistan’s most prestigious medical colleges.

Drewmoe32 California kalifornia republic shirt

Mankani started Mama Baby Fund seven years ago when she identified gaps in prenatal care while working at a low-income hospital in Karachi. Two years ago, she also started seeing patients at a tiny fishing community called Baba Island off Karachi’s coastline. Baba Island is accessible only by boat, and during the monsoon season, expectant mothers are at risk because the community is often completely cut off. “My work with this community helped me better understand what a lack of access does to expecting mothers,” says Mankani. So when the first wave of floods hit Sindh earlier this summer, she traveled to affected areas with just 25 safe-delivery kits. She was soon receiving messages from local relief organizations asking for thousands of kits.

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This is the gap health care workers specializing in prenatal care are desperately trying to fill—the possibly fatal period between displacement and due date. Neha Mankani and Jahan Zuberi have traveled more than 300 kilometers from Karachi in order to examine displaced pregnant women in the relief camps in Dadu and deliver hundreds of what they call safe-delivery kits. Each of these kits contains the basic material an expecting mother may need if she is to give birth in a relief camp: a clean tarp to lie on, a sterile blade with which to cut the umbilical cord, a clean set of clothes for her new baby to wear, and essential vitamins like folic acid.

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