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This year, director Ti West released two buzzy horror films—X and Pearl—that will eventually make up a trilogy (the third installment, MaXXXine, has no release date just yet). The center of the films is actor Mia Goth, who has commanded the screen with her portrayals of Maxine (a young, wannabe Hollywood star) and Pearl (a murderous elderly lady, who also shares a thirst for stardom). The two films are about much more than jumpscares—they’re a tale of striving for your dreams, and what terrifying lengths people will go to achieve them.

Official old Florida man makes announcement Ugly Christmas sweatshirt

The two films have already gained a large fanbase online, especially among Gen-Z audiences. On TikTok, there are countless compilation videos and fan edits dedicated to Goth’s captivating performances—especially that already infamous ending scene in Pearl, where she smiles and cries creepily while staring into the camera for six whole minutes. (Seriously unsettling.) Many of the comments have deemed her this generation’s new horror icon. “Mia Goth slays,” wrote one fan, “Literally!”

Official old Florida man makes announcement Ugly Christmas sweats hoodie-black

If Goth is 2020’s new scream queen—joining the ranks of icons like Jamie Lee Curtis, Neve Campbell, or Janet Leigh—then her red carpet style certainly reflects this. For her appearances on the step and repeat for both films, Goth has been channeling a dark, romantic aesthetic that reflects her now-signature film genre. Meaning, there’s been lots of head-to-toe black. But don’t think of her fashion choices as spooky: Goth has been leaning into demure but chic silhouettes that make a wardrobe devoid of color still interesting and fashion-forward.

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